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The PICAZO Story...

The PICAZO Story

Proprietors Jose and Pam Picazo immediately fell in love with their exquisite Italian villa-style home in the foothills of Livermore Valley. Surrounded by a Mediterranean-like environment, who wouldn’t fall in love amid olive trees, purple-flowering rosemary and lavender bushes atop undulating hills? First, the Picazo’s planned on applying their agricultural roots to farm the 14 acres of pristinely planted Merlot vines surrounding their home and selling off the grapes to large regional producers. Creating a wine of their own was not Jose and Pam’s original intent yet with a passion for the earth and desire for quality they decided to hold back a portion of the vineyard’s fruit and bottle it under the family name.

Both Jose and Pam have a history of doing things well. Their philosophy is to learn everything possible about the subject at hand.

Pam forged her career as a pioneer in customer advocacy in the automotive industry, acting as a mediator between manufacturer, dealer and car buyer. She has also been an active and dedicated fund-raiser for non-profits in Silicon Valley. A problem solver, trouble shooter and creative solution provider, Pam brings these skills to her new enterprise of Picazo Vineyards.

“With my Italian heritage,” says Pam, “I’ve always been attracted to good wine and good food in a setting that embraces family and friends. Creating our own winery is an ultimate expression of sharing the pleasures of fine wine.”

Jose is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has been immersed in electronics technology since his high school days. Beginning with computer repair and consulting, he leaped into design, manufacture and sales of network equipment, just in time to catch the wave that became the Internet. He has developed and sold several successful companies and is currently founder, president and CEO of Iconix, an e-mail fraud solution software company.

“High technology changes so quickly,” says Jose, “that I never thought it made sense to look at the business in terms of 10-year plans. I look at the current situation and when all the necessary elements are available, you can create a new product. That’s how everything came together for our winery – the right vineyard location and grape variety, Pam’s capability and commitment, and Mark Clarin’s winemaking and viticultural skills and experience. My job is to keep us focused on quality, to make sure we are producing the very best red Bordeaux wines possible.”

In vino, salute, felicita, vita ed amore!





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